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Only pay for the electricity you need, when you need it with Power As You Go®

Break free of surprise bills and daunting electricity contracts with the Frontier Utilities Power As You Go® smart meter plan. Choose how much electricity usage you want to purchase and pay in advance. When your balance is running low, simply deposit more funds into your account and keep going. There are no hassles, gimmicks or contracts- just smart power.

  • Buy the amount of energy you want when you want it
  • Enjoy the convenience of no surprise bills, scrambling to gather funds or late charges
  • Receive email or text message alerts when your account is running low
  • Control your account balance by phone, online or text message
Power As You Go® smart meter plan is a good fit for you if:
  • You want to control your energy expenses
  • You prefer to pay as you go for energy
  • You want to monitor your electricity use and reduce consumption
  • You don't want a monthly bill or contract
  • You want to avoid any surprises
  • You have roommates and need to split costs
  • You travel often and don't consume electricity regularly
Frequently Asked Questions about Power As You Go® smart meter plan

What is a smart electric meter and how can I get one?

Visit our smart meter page to learn more about smart electricity meters.

Does the Power As You Go® smart meter plan require a credit check?

There is no credit check when enrolling in the Power As You Go® smart meter plan.

Will the electricity rate be the same every time I purchase more usage?

When you buy electricity using the Power As You Go® smart meter plan, you'll purchase kilowatt hours at the current market rate. Though the rates may change since your last purchase, we regularly offer specials and promotions on pricing.

How will the Power As You Go® smart meter plan help me save energy?

The advanced monitoring technology in smart electric meters records your usage every fifteen minutes, allowing you to see when and why your electricity usage fluctuates. With this information you can make small changes such as adjusting your thermostat to decrease your electricity use. Reducing energy consumption will not only save money for you, but also could lower the cost of electricity for all consumers.

Does the size of my home affect my eligibility for the Power As You Go® smart meter plan?

Anyone with a smart electric meter installed in their home is eligible for the Power As You Go® smart meter electricity plan, no matter what size the home may be.