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There are many options available. So what makes Frontier Utilities the right choice? Frontier Utilities is a privately-held retail energy company with headquarters and operations in Houston, Texas. We service thousands of residential and commercial electricity and natural gas customers. Since 1998, we have provided our clients with excellent value, top service, world class systems and support from our team of dedicated highly trained people.

Why Partner with Us?

   ▪     Frontier is a technology-driven and customer focused electric company with a variety of product options.

   ▪     We have innovative Prepaid and Postpaid solutions at a competitive price.

   ▪     A dedicated partner support team is answering your questions within minutes via phone, instant messenger, or email.

   ▪     Our commission payments are very competitive. We pay bi-weekly and have not had any commission payment complaints in almost 3 years.

   ▪     You can take the enrollment calls yourself or transfer your leads to our professional sales team located in Dallas.

   ▪    We offer our partners full visibility to all sales transactions including customer name, address, and product sold.

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Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing

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