22 March 2018

7 Ways to Get Your Texas Home Ready for Spring

7 Ways to Get Your Texas Home Ready for Spring


Spring has sprung. Flowers are starting to bloom and temperatures are rising. Do you think your home is ready for the change in seasons? Here are seven simple ways to get your home ready for spring:


1. Clean Your Air Conditioner

It may not be air conditioning season yet but when that first scorching day arrives, you'll want your air conditioner to be ready. Make sure you hose down your condenser and trim back any nearby shrubs or bushes to maintain good airflow around the unit.




2. Clean Your Gutters

The spring season in Texas can be quite rainy at different points and it's important that your gutters are clean in preparation for this. Fortunately, cleaning the gutters is relatively easy. All you have to do is climb up on a ladder, put on a pair of gloves and start scooping debris out of the gutters. Rinse them with clear water to ensure they flow freely.


3. Check Your Roof

While you're cleaning the gutters, also take a peek at the roof! If you notice any loose or peeling shingles, have them replaced or repaired before any roof leaks develop.




4. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

If your furnace and air conditioner operate using the same ducts, then you absolutely want to have the ducts cleaned before air conditioning season begins. Otherwise, all of the dust settled in the ducts after heating season will get blown all over your house the first time you turn the AC on! Many HVAC companies offer duct cleaning services and can tackle this task in an afternoon.



 5. Reprogram Your Thermostat

Now that the temperature is warming up, it's time to reprogram the thermostat. For the best balance between comfort and energy efficiency, try setting the thermostat for 76 when you are away and 72 when you're at home.



6. Have Trees Trimmed

Storm season is rolling into Texas and any cracked or heavy tree branches present a risk to your home. Trim away any damaged branches or arrange to have a tree care company do so for you.




7. Replace Broken Windows and Doors

If your windows or doors are cracked or loose, arrange to have them replaced. Cracked windows are no match for a hurricane and can let out cool air.




With the tips above, you'll spring into spring with a clean, prepared home. Here's another way to get your home ready for spring: switch to Frontier Utilities. Learn more about our money-saving electrical service plans now.