30 November 2017

Avoiding Hidden Fees in Your Electric Bill

Avoiding Hidden Fees in Your Electric Bill

Have you recently received an electric bill in the mail and been shocked to see it was much higher than expected? Chances are, some hidden fees were stacked on in addition to the rate you thought you were paying. Hidden fees in your electric bill can cost you a bundle, and sadly, they are a pretty common challenge.  Here are a few ways you can avoid these hidden fees:

Check the Electricity Facts Label

As you browse various electricity plans, don't just rely on a fee that's posted somewhere in an ad or on the company's main page. Dig a little deeper to find the company's Electricity Facts Label, sometimes called an EFL. This section should specify how much you will pay per kWh of electricity based on your usage. It will also list other charges, such as a delivery charge or flat monthly fee. If you are ever unsure of what these "other charges" are or what they mean, contact the company or call Frontier Utilities and we'll be happy to explain and offer you great product options instead! Frontier Utilities also lists our EFL and Terms of Service next to every available plan. The online sign-up process is seamless, start here.

Call and Talk to Someone


Any reputable electricity company will be happy to explain their rates to you, in detail, if you just call and ask. If a company is not willing to explain their rates, or their explanation seems confusing, then that is probably not the best company to work with. 

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If you're tired of hidden fees in your electric bill, then consider switching to Frontier Utilities. We offer clear rates and billing plans--that can be catered you, and we accept multiple payment options. If you need help making the change, check out our post "How to Switch to a New Energy Provider."  You can also view all of our plans any time, here