23 October 2017

Frontier Utilities is #TexasStrong

Frontier Utilities is #TexasStrong

  On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas coast. This storm made itself known quickly as the devastation it would leave was realized almost immediately. As days past more people were forced to leave their homes because of the rising waters and what seemed like never ending rain. National attention was grabbed as Harvey is one of the worst named hurricanes to make landfall. The named storm lasted 117 hours after landfall giving Harvey the record in Texas.

However, the storm did end, the high waters rescinded and people began to pick up the pieces Harvey left behind.  With hurricane season still looming for the remainder of the nation, attention shifted to other areas that would soon experience hurricanes themselves. Even though national attention was needed elsewhere the needs of Texas are still here and are growing. The damages Harvey left behind are not ones that can be fixed immediately, six months down the road or maybe even within a year. There is still a lot that the community is in need for and Frontier Utilities is ready to help.

We, as a company recognized that we couldn’t sit patiently and wait for Houston as well as surrounding areas to receive help. We wanted to be in the front lines assisting the community we work and live in move on from Harvey. One of the ways Frontier Utilities can do this is by making donations to the organizations that are actively working on Harvey relief efforts around the state.


Organizations that Frontier Utilities has donated to include: 

American Red Cross, Costal Bend Food Bank, Family Time, TX Parks & Wildlife-Coastal Fisheries Recovery, BakerRipley/Sheltering Arms, Catholic Charities, Cypress Assistance Ministries, Humble Assistance Ministries, Interfaith Caring Ministries, Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritans and Organize Texas. Our community has been damaged by something that is completely out of our control. However, we can control our response. 

We have chosen to donate to organizations making a difference to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. For more information about how you can join our efforts visit our Hurricane Harvey Relief page.