10 October 2017

Five Ways to Make Your Property Safe for Trick or Treaters

Five Ways to Make Your Property Safe for Trick or Treaters

Halloween is coming up soon, and that means trick or treaters will be knocking on your door. Handing out candy is a fun way to participate in the holiday's traditions, but if you're going to welcome visitors at your door, you need to make sure your property is safe. Here are five ways to make your property safe for trick or treaters.

Secure Your Railings

If trick or treaters will have to climb stairs to reach your door, make sure the railings on the side of the stairs are secure. When kids are wearing big, bulky costumes, they often need something to grab onto when going up and down stairs. You would not want the railing to wobble and cause a tumble. You can tighten most railings just by tightening the screws connecting the support posts to your stairs.

Make Sure Walkways Are Clear

Make sure there are no obstructions, like stray tools, tree branches, and toys, along your walkways. If there are any crooked pavers along your walkway, this is the perfect time to remove them, flatten the ground, and put them back into place. If any concrete is slippery and algae-covered, give it a good scrub before Halloween arrives.

Install Lights

If your patio and walkways are not already well-lit, consider putting up some temporary, battery-operated lights for Halloween. Lights help keep visitors from tripping or bumping into each other in the night. You can find Halloween-themed post lights at many home goods stores. Just push one into the ground every two or three feet along the side of your walkway and porch.

Secure Your Pets


Your dog might be the nicest dog in the world, but there's no way to predict how he might act when greeted by a toddler in a scary Wookiee costume. Cats, too, may scratch and bite if well-meaning visitors try to pet or pick them up. It's safer for both visitors and your pets if you secure them in a separate room during trick or treating.

Tuck Cords Away

If you decorate your lawn with any electronic Halloween decorations, make sure the cords are neatly tucked out of the way. You would not want anyone to trip on one!

Follow these tips to make your property safe for trick or treaters, and be sure to check out our post "Have a Boo-tiful Halloween With These Energy-Saving Tips" too!