18 August 2017

Five Ways to Perk up Your Living Space for Summer

Five Ways to Perk up Your Living Space for Summer

Summer is in full swing. If your home does not give you the same summery feel that you enjoy when relaxing on your patio or grilling in the backyard, then it's time to make a change. Here are five easy ways to perk up your living space for summer.

Invest in some house plants.

What could be more summery than some nice greenery? This is the perfect time to add some house plants to your decor. Place a few potted plants in a window, along a mantel, or even on the center of your coffee table. Some plants that grow well indoors include:

  • Spider plants
  • Peace lilies
  • Snake plants
  • Philodendrons
  • Rubber figs

If you don't want to worry about keeping plants alive, consider just placing a few vases of freshly cut flowers throughout your space. When they age and turn brown, you can just replace them.

Replace your throw pillows.

A couple of colorful throw pillows can brighten up a whole room. Replace your brown, gray, or tan throw pillows with a few yellow, red, or violet ones. They'll provide a nice focal point in your room and brighten up your whole color scheme.

Hang some summery prints.

Head to a local art show and look for photos of summery items like Ferris wheels, flowers, beaches, or ice cream stands. Have them framed and hang them on your wall to bring a bit of whimsy into the space.

Decorate with wispy, flowing curtains.

If your curtains are thick and heavy, consider buying a second pair to use only during the summer months. Look for long, flowing wispy ones that will blow in the breeze when you open the windows. Make sure they come with tiebacks so you can tie them open when the summer sun is shining, allowing it to fill your space. 

Choose colorful tablecloths.

A colorful tablecloth can make your dining room feel more like a relaxed picnic space for the summer months. For an even prettier look, you can pair your tablecloth with some cloth napkins. In the living room, you can always toss small tablecloths over the end tables and coffee table for some added color.


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With the tips above, you can perk up your living space and enjoy a whole new look. For more decorating tips that don't cost a small fortune, check out our post "Swanky Home Decorating on a Shoestring."