9 August 2017

How to Switch to a New Energy Provider

How to Switch to a New Energy Provider

In most states, utilities have been deregulated. What this means, for you as a consumer, is that you're free to buy your energy from any supplier you choose -- not just from the government-run energy supplier in your area. Switching to a private provider like Frontier Utilities can save you money and help ensure that your electricity comes from a green source. Switching is easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Research alternative energy suppliers in your area.

In most areas, there is more than one provider to choose from. So, it's worth your while to spend a little time comparing and contrasting your options before making the switch. Some things to look for in a good utility company are:

  • A variety of payment plans available to meet varying customer needs.
  • Dedication to obtaining power from green energy sources.
  • No need for an interruption in power as you switch over.
  • Tech-savvy billing options, like online bill payment and online account management.
  • Transparency in rates.

2. Gather your information.

Thankfully, switching energy providers is very easy. You'll just need to have the right information on hand when you call to switch to a new energy provider. Make sure you have your address, your account number, and copies of your most recent energy bills at hand.

3. Call the new company or register online.

Once you are ready to make the change, call the utility company you're interested in and they can walk you through the process of making a change. Typically, this will only take a few minutes. The company may check your credit score and payment history with past utility providers, whether this information is needed is dependent on your state regulations.  

If you decide to purchase service through Frontier Utilities, you can even sign up online. You can view all of our different payment plans, compare them, and choose the one that's best for your needs. Several of our plans are 100% percent green--renewable energy. We also offer fixed-term plans that allow you to pay the same rate for a specified amount of time. There are also pay-as-you-go plans through which you can buy energy by the kilowatt hour and pay-in-advance plans in which you prepay for each month's electricity. Once your plan is selected, we will contact your old provider and change over your service.

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