24 May 2017

Keeping Cool Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping Cool Without Breaking the Bank

As temperatures rise heading into summer, so do your utility bills. Air conditioning is a necessity in most areas, but that does not mean that sky-high utility bills are necessary. Follow these tips for lowering utility bills while still staying cool.

Keep your windows closed.

You might be tempted to open your windows when the temperature goes down at night, but this just makes your air conditioner work harder the next day. When you open the windows, humidity flows back into your home; your air conditioner will burn through a lot of energy removing that moisture again. It’s best to keep your windows closed throughout air conditioning season, rather than opening and closing them repeatedly.

Clean your air conditioner.

If your outdoor air condenser gets too riddled with dust, leaves, and other debris, it won’t operate as efficiently. Spend an hour or two pulling debris out of your A/C condenser. Then, use the hose to rinse off the unit. If you see that any of the metal fins are bent, use a screwdriver to bend them back into place so they don’t block the flow of air.

Keep sunshine outside.

The bright, summer sun can certainly make you feel energized, but it also heats up your home. Try to keep your blinds or drapes shut when the sun is shining. This will keep your home cooler and reduce the burden on your air conditioner. If you’re craving some sunshine, head outside!

Use your ceiling fan.

If air is blowing over your skin, you’ll feel a lot cooler than if the air is stagnant. Ceiling fans are inexpensive to operate, so turn yours on when you’re in the room. You may even be able to turn your thermostat up a few degrees without feeling any warmer. 

Cook outside.

When you cook inside, you raise your home’s indoor temperature and force your air conditioner to work harder. So, get into the habit of grilling outside in the summer. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy more cold salads and sandwiches. The chilly food will make you feel cooler so you’re not as tempted to turn the thermostat down.

With the tips above, you should have no trouble lowering utility bills without feeling too warm and sweaty. For more ways to save on energy during the summer months, check out our post Five Energy Tips For Summer. 

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