19 April 2017

#FrontierCares: 2017 KPRC Habitat Home Dedication

#FrontierCares: 2017 KPRC Habitat Home Dedication

After months of building (view previous post on Frontier Utilities' Habitat for Humanity efforts), a Habitat Home was formally dedicated to a hardworking young family. Frontier Utilities volunteered and sponsored among KPRC 2, Star Furniture, Village Plumbing, Carpet Giant, and Shipley Donuts to help make this possible!  Over 20+ Frontier employees dedicated their time to this build by lifting and hauling roof tresses, working together as a team to help make this moment happen. To learn more about everyone's efforts and the Gomez family, please visit KPRC 2 Houston



Frontier Utilities also had the chance to surprise the Gomez family with 12 months of free electricity for their new home! 

To view the full dedication ceremony, video is available here 

For more information on how to volunteer, please visit Houston Habitat for Humanity, "Houston Habitat for Humanity dedicated its first home in 1988. To date, more than 995 Houston Habitat homes have been built housing over 3980 people, from infants to the elderly. Houston Habitat builds affordable energy-efficient homes and through its neighborhood revitalization initiatives, repairs existing older homes for low income families. Houston Habitat complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act in the marketing, sale, and purchasing of properties. All applicants receive consideration for home ownership without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, questioning, family or marital status."