29 March 2017

5 Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

5 Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

Spring has sprung! It's the perfect time to tackle those home maintenance projects you've been putting off. Spend a weekend doing home maintenance now, and you'll save yourself a lot of hassles going forward. Here are some simple home maintenance tips to get you started:

Take a look at your shingles.

Winter can be hard on your roof, with ice accumulation prying shingles away from the underlayment. Climb up on a ladder and look straight across your roof. If you see any peeling or buckling shingles, it's time to call your roofing company.

Clean your gutters.


With all of the April showers rolling in over the coming weeks, it's important for your gutters to be clear. Pull on some rubber gloves and reach straight into your gutters to pull out any leaves, twigs, and other debris. Then, pour some water down the gutters to make sure they flow freely. If your downspouts are clogged, reach down into them with a broom handle to push out the offending material.

Trim around your AC unit.

Weeds and brush growing around your AC unit will impede airflow to the unit, causing it to waste electricity. To ensure you're prepared for cooling season, take a few minutes to trim back any brush, weeds, or bushes near your outdoor AC condenser. While you're at it, replace your air filter with a new one.

Clean your windows.


If you're not already opening your windows to air out your home, you will be soon! If the windows are dirty, this dirt will blow into your home when you open them. Use white vinegar to wipe down your windows, and use a cotton swab to clean out any corners or edges. Your whole home will look a lot cleaner as a result.

Try the sump pump.

If you have a sump pump in the basement, dump a bucket of water into the pit to make sure the pump turns on properly. If it does not kick on, check to ensure the circuit breaker has not been tripped and that the pump was not accidentally turned off. Then, have your plumber come fix the pump before a spring shower causes water to come into your basement.

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Complete these spring home maintenance tasks and you'll be set for the year. Visit our post "Is Your Home Summer Ready" for some more ways to prepare your home for warmer weather.