23 March 2017

Three Fun Home DIY Projects for Spring

Three Fun Home DIY Projects for Spring

Spring is in the air. It's the season of flowers, birds, cleaning, and home maintenance! If you're feeling a bit antsy and ready to get outdoors, here are some fun DIY projects to tackle as the weather warms up. 

Wine Bottle Planters

Add some color to your patio or porch with a tiny, homemade wine glass planter. To cut the side out of a wine glass, start by dipping a piece of yarn in acetone nail polish remover. Lay the yarn out on the bottle to form a "window" in the side, and then light the yarn on fire. As soon as the fire goes out, use heatproof gloves and pop the bottle into an ice-cold sink of water. The glass should split where the yarn was.

Fill the hollowed-out portion of the bottle with soil, and plant some annuals -- like marigolds or pansies -- in it. Display your planter proudly.

Ladder Trellis

Find an old wooden ladder at a local yard or estate sale, and give it a quick coat of white paint. Tilt the ladder up against the side of your home and plant a vining plant, like English ivy of sweet peas, near the base or the ladder. When you see the plants beginning to develop vines, guide them towards the ladder. As the vining plant grows, it will wind its way up the ladder like a trellis. 

Compost Bin

Building a compost bin is great for the planet as it reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to the landfill. Plus, when the compost breaks down, you'll have a great natural fertilizer for your garden. An easy way to build your own compost bin is to drill holes in a plastic trash can. Space the holes about six inches apart, and use a large drill bit so they're about 1/2 inch in diameter.

To make compost, just set the bin in your yard and toss in leaves, lawn clippings, and food waste as they are generated. Water will drain out of the holes, and these holes will also keep your compost from getting too hot. Your compost should be ready in about six to 12 months when it's black and crumbly.

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Do you know what else spring is a great time for? Cleaning! Check out "A Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet for Busy People" for some great tips and advice.