23 February 2017

#FrontierCares: 5 Ways to Start Serving Your Community Right Now

#FrontierCares: 5 Ways to Start Serving Your Community Right Now

Living in a friendly, healthy community is something that everyone desires. But a community is only as wonderful as the people who live in it. If you want to live in a great community, then it's important to do your part to help make your community better. Here are five simple ideas for serving your community -- starting today. 


1. Buy from local businesses.

When you purchase goods from local businesses, you help boost the local economy. Your money goes to small business owners who use the funds to support their families and to further their business endeavors. Look for smaller, locally owned grocery stores, farmers markets, small hardware stores, and consignment shops rather than big department stores.


2. Participate in local events.

Visit your town or city's recreation website. There, you'll likely find a list of local events like 5k races, festivals, and fundraisers. Usually, the funds raised at these events go towards community endeavors like building green spaces, caring for the less fortunate, and coordinating youth programs. So just by participating, you are giving back. If you want to go one step further, you can volunteer to help at one of these events.

3. Pick up litter when you see it.

This is one way you can give back a little at a time, day after day. Whenever you see a piece of litter along the sidewalk or in a public place, pick it up. You'll keep the community looking better and you'll be doing the environment a favor, too.

4. Donate items you don't need.


When you're doing your spring cleaning this year, fill a box with items you no longer need. Donate these items to local charities or even to a thrift store in the area. They'll go to others who need them more than you do. Alternatively, you could sell some of your items at a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity.

5. Live more sustainably.

Going green is good for your community, your country, and the planet. Start taking steps to reduce your waste production, use less energy, and obtain your energy from more green, eco-friendly sources.

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By serving your community, you're doing your part to make it a more enjoyable place for everyone to live and interact. If you'd like more tips on going green, check out: Green Living Tips: Why Should I Recycle?