20 July 2016

5 Energy Tips for Summer

5 Energy Tips for Summer

Each season calls for different measures when it comes to energy conservation. If you're not careful, the transition into the summer months may lead to increased energy expenditure. Here are five energy tips to help you save during the summer months.

Keep the Shades Closed

Pull the curtains closed or pull down the blinds each morning when the sun comes up. This will prevent the sun from heating up your home and causing your AC unit to work overtime and consume excess energy. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, go outside rather than opening your curtains. You can open them up again in the evening when the temperature drops if you wish to enjoy the sunset through your windows.


Opt for Cold Meals



Cooking indoors heats up your home, increasing your AC expenditure. Opt for cold meals like sandwiches and salads more often. Not only will you save on AC, but you'll use less electricity or gas for cooking, too.





Dry Your Laundry Outside


Take advantage of the warm, fresh air and begin hanging your laundry outside on a clothesline instead of using the dryer. Clothes dryers use quite a lot of electricity, so this tip will save you a lot — especially if you have a large family and wash a lot of clothing. 





Make Sure Your Pool Filter Is Operating During Off-Peak Hours

Most electric companies have off-peak hours during which electricity costs less. Usually, these hours are in the evening and early morning. If you have a swimming pool, check with your electric company to see what their off-peak hours are, and then set your pool filter's timer to run during these hours. Also make sure you're using other appliances, like washers and dishwashers, during these off-peak hours when possible.


Change Your Air Conditioner Filter Regularly

Most HVAC experts recommend changing your air conditioner's filter every month to two months. If you don't change the filter enough, it gets full of dirt and the AC unit has to work harder to push air through it, expending more energy. Buy a few filters at the beginning of the summer, and set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget to change it.

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