12 July 2016

Is Your Home Summer Ready?

Is Your Home Summer Ready?

It's amazing how quickly summer arrived! If you're still not quite in the swing of things, now is the time to take action and prepare your home for these upcoming warm months. Here are four essential tasks to tackle.

Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Clean and Has a New Filter

Your air conditioning system keeps your home comfortable all summer, so it's essential to take the best care of it. Hose off the outdoor unit so it doesn't get too dusty. Also, change the filter once at the beginning of the season and then every month or two throughout the summer. Not only will this keep your home cleaner, but it'll also help your AC unit operate more efficiently since it won't have to push air through a clogged, dirty filter.


Check Your Screens and the Seals on Your Windows

Leaky windows can lead to sky-high energy bills in the summer since they let the warm air in. Check your windows, and if you notice any gaps between the window and the sash, seal them with rope caulk. Rope caulk is a sticky substance that comes in a roll and can be pressed into the crevice with your fingers. If you ever need to remove it, all you need to do is pull it off again.

If you plan on opening your windows, make sure the screens are in good shape. If there are holes in them, you may want to look into having them patched to keep insects out.

Stock up on Propane or Charcoal for the Grill

When the temperature rises, it's nice to cook outside so your home doesn't heat up. You also want to be prepared for last-minutes barbecues with friend — so stock up on charcoal or propane in advance.

Make Sure Your Gutters are Clean and Secure


In many areas, summer means thunderstorms. You need to make sure your gutters are clear, so they can effectively drain water from your roof. Scoop any debris out with a gloved hand, and then pour a bucket of water down the gutters to rinse them clean. Also, make sure the metal fasteners that attach the gutters to your home are secure, so the gutters don't blow off in high winds.

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