7 June 2016

Home Upgrades That Can Pay You Back

Home Upgrades That Can Pay You Back

Home improvements can get expensive pretty quickly. Luckily, there are some home upgrades that can pay for themselves over time by saving you money on your utility bills. If you have plans to remodel your home, make sure some of these money-saving improvements are on your list!

Upgrade Your Windows

If you still have old, single-pane windows that let air seep in around them, this is one of the first updates you should make. Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss in the home. Luckily, modern windows offer a plethora of options like low-e coating and argon gas filling, which prevent heat transfer, thereby lowering your heating and air conditioning bills.

Seal Your Attic With Spray Foam Insulation

Little cracks or crevices, along with gaps around cables and pipes, let air leak into your home. Standard fiberglass or cotton insulation does little to stop these air leaks. So, you'll want to have them sealed. A qualified spray foam applicator can apply spray foam insulation to your attic surfaces, blocking the flow of air through these holes. Spray foam costs a bit more than fiberglass insulation, but it will lower your heating and cooling bills.

Update Your Ductwork

If you have forced air heating and your ductwork is aging, having it replaced may save you a bundle on your heating bills. Older ducts tend to develop cracks and fissures in the joints, allowing your heated air to seep out before it even reaches the rooms you intend to heat. Depending on the condition of your ducts, your HVAC technician may recommend replacing them or just repairing the ailing parts.

Install Motion Sensing Ceiling Lights

How often do you leave a room and completely forget to turn the lights off? Keeping the lights on when you're not around is a waste of energy. Motion-sensing ceiling lights detect when a room has been empty for a specified time and automatically switch the lights off. You can set them to turn back on automatically when you enter the room again, or turn them back on with a switch.

High-Efficiency Hot Water Heater

Old hot water heaters were poorly insulated and used a lot of energy. Upgrade to a new model and your electric bills will plummet without you having to suffer through cold showers.

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