26 May 2016

Savvy Decorating: How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Decor

Savvy Decorating: How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Decor

Curtains are one of the predominant accent pieces in most rooms, so you want to be sure to choose types that coordinate well with the rest of your decor. From fabric, to color, to length, there are many factors to consider when choosing curtains. Here are some tips to help you approach each decision.

Choosing the right fabric.

Fabric that is too thick won't hang nicely, while that which is too thin may crease and bunch up at the top. In most situations, you want a medium-weight curtain. Some materials that work well for curtains include:

  • Velvet: Choose velvet when you're trying to create a warm, welcoming space. It coordinates well with more traditional designs.
  • Faux Silk: If you're trying to create a luxurious yet sleek interior design, faux silk is a lovely choice. It looks crisp, regal and elegant.
  • Linen: Linen curtains have the reputation of being "simple," but there are many designs to choose from. Solid-colored linen curtains coordinate well with more modern and transitional home decor while patterned ones can look right at home in a more traditional, Victorian-inspired space.
  • Sheer Polyester: These curtains create a light, breezy look. They are perfect for beach-inspired decor.

Choosing the right color.

Generally, you want your curtains to be a different color than your walls so that they stand out. If you want to use a darker color in your space, the curtains are a great place to do it since the light coming in the window will prevent the darker color from looking too depressing. Just make sure you choose a few other accent pieces, like candles or pillows, in the same color so that the curtains don't look out of place.


The smaller the room, the lighter your curtains should be. This will keep the space from looking too enclosed. For instance, deep purple may look lovely in a large dining room, but in a tiny bathroom, you're better off going with a pale violet.

Deciding on a length.

Always measure before shopping for curtains! Many people guess and end up buying curtains that are too short or too long. First, decide where the curtain rod will be mounted above the window (you may even want to mount it before you measure or buy curtains). Most people place the rod just 6 - 8 inches above the window, but if you want to create a very dramatic look, you can place it closer to the ceiling.


Once you know where the rod will be, measure from that point down to the floor. Subtract 6 inches—this is the shortest your curtains can be. If you're trying to make your space feel cozier, you can choose curtains that come within an inch of the floor. Don't go any longer than that; you don't want them to drag on the ground.

With the right curtains, your home will be looking its best. To make sure your choices are good for the planet, check out our Beginners Guide to Going Green.








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