4 May 2016

Moving With Kids: How to Move House Without Losing Your Mind

Moving With Kids: How to Move House Without Losing Your Mind

Moving to a new home is never easy, but kids make it even harder. Most children are not thrilled to pick up and leave their home and friends behind. Plus, it can be hard to cross everything off your packing and moving checklist with little feet pattering around the house all day. To ensure the move goes smoothly, follow these tips:

Tell the kids about the move during a family meeting.

The move will go more smoothly if your kids feel like they are involved in the moving process, rather than like the move is being forced upon them. A good way to start off in this mentality is to have a family meeting in which you tell the kids about the move, and why you've decided to make it. Give them a chance to ask questions and express concerns, and be understanding if they are unhappy.

Let the kids help pack their own things.

Involving the kids will help keep them busy so you can focus on the moving tasks you need to complete. If they are old enough, send them into their rooms with boxes and tape, and let them pack their own boxes. (You might want to supervise when they pack any fragile items to ensure they are wrapped properly.) Younger children can simply help you pack their things.

Send the kids off for a "fun" day while you tackle the hard stuff.

Some moving tasks, like cleaning and packing the fine china and making calls to real estate agents, are tough to tackle with kids running around. Pick a day on which you plan to conquer these tasks. On this day, send your kids off for a "day of fun" with a close friend or relative. They can partake in activities they won't be able to do anymore once you move, such as visiting a favorite local park or entertainment venue. Meanwhile, you'll be at home getting ahead on your moving checklist.


Share as much information about the new place with your kids as possible.

The idea of moving to a new, unknown place can be overwhelming to a child. The more your child knows about where you are headed, the more comfortable they will be. Spend some time researching the new neighborhood online together. Look at schools, popular parks, and other venues so that when you arrive, they are more familiar to your child. Make a list of places you want to visit together. Having this to look forward to will make your child more excited about the move.


Host a going away party.

Make sure your children have the chance to say goodbye to all of their friends by hosting a goodbye party. A simple gathering with pizza and some party games is all you need, as the focus should be on the people. Allow your kids to make their own guest lists.

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