4 March 2016

How to Choose Light Fixtures That Make a Statement

How to Choose Light Fixtures That Make a Statement

Your light fixtures should do more than shed light on your space. They should call attention to themselves and add to your home decor, too! By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure each light fixture in your home makes a statement: the right statement.

Do you want to cast light upwards or downwards?

In some rooms, you need bright light to illuminate the lower portion of the room so you can see what you're doing. This is generally true in the bathroom and kitchen. For these rooms, you want to choose a light fixture that angles light downward. In other rooms, like the dining room and living room, light is more of a mood-setter than a task enabler. If you prefer, you can choose a light fixture that angles light towards the ceiling, creating a warm glow and setting a quieter mood in these spaces.


Choose the right size.

A light fixture that's too large overwhelms the space and takes away from your other decor. One that's too small won't call any attention to itself. When working with a chandelier or other large statement fixture, start by measuring the length and width of the room in feet. Add these two measurements together. This is the approximate width your chandelier should be, in inches. For instance, if your room is 10 feet wide and 12 feet long, your chandelier should be about 22 inches across.

Pick a material that stands out.

If every other accent in the room is brushed nickle, a light fixture made from brushed nickle is just going to blend in. Choose one made from a different material, and it will stand out. Try to choose a material that is not a completely different color, but that is a different texture. For instance, if your room contains a lot of dark stained wood, a smooth fixture painted metallic dark brown will call attention to itself without looking out of place.


Complement the main light fixture with smaller accent lights.

Adding some sconces or table lamps that match the primary light fixture will help call attention to it. In the living room, consider mounting wall sconces made in the same style as your ceiling fixture beneath important pieces of artwork. In the bedroom, an accentuating table lamp makes reading easier and also adds to your decor.


Choose a fixture with detail.

Since your light fixture is already up near the ceiling where the eye does not naturally look without being drawn in, you have to choose a fixture that calls attention to itself. A plain, brown fixture with no embellishments will just get overlooked. One with some crystal accents, unique arms, or carefully etched glass will get a lot more attention. You want people to walk in the room, spot the fixture, and then study its details for a few seconds before looking away.



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