3 March 2016

Don't Break Your Back on Your Next Move!

3 Pieces of Moving Equipment You Need

Don't Break Your Back on Your Next Move!

Moving can be stressful in so many ways. Between packing up your things and setting them up in a new place, the whole endeavor can be hard on your body and especially on your back. The next time you plan a move, make sure you buy or rent these three pieces of equipment. They will help reduce your chance of back injuries and soreness.


It's a lot easier and safer to wheel your furniture across the parking lot or floor than it is to carry it. There are actually two types of dollies you'll want to have on hand during your move:

  • Utility dollies have two wheels. They can be tilted back on these two wheels and pushed in a manner similar to a wheelbarrow. These are helpful for moving boxes and other small items.
  • Furniture dollies are flat platforms with four (sometimes six) wheels. You lift a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa or mattress, onto the dolly before pulling or pushing it to the new location.

Some furniture dollies have a lever you can push to raise and lower them, making it easy to lift your furniture up to the level of a moving truck.

Moving Straps and Harnesses

What about lifting the furniture onto the dolly? Moving straps and harnesses allow you to do that safely. They also come in handy when you have to move furniture up stairs (you can't use a dolly on stairs).


Essentially, this system consists of a harness that fits around your back and straps that you attach to the furniture. When properly fitted, it ensures the weight is distributed evenly across your back as you lift. This reduces the risk of back injury.

Most sets of moving straps and harnesses are designed to be used by a pair of people. Thus, you'll want to purchase or rent at least two sets of straps and two harnesses.


Furniture Pads

At first glance, it seems like furniture pads are intended to protect furniture, not your back. However, they actually offer protection for both you and your possessions. When your furniture is not protected, you have to be very careful and cautious when moving it. You'll be afraid to accidentally bump it into walls or drop it. This might cause you to accidentally lift or move it in a way that protects the furniture, but that compromises your back.Furniture pads fit over your large furniture items and appliances so that if you do knock them on something, it's not a big deal. This way, you can focus on your lifting techniques and protecting your back during moving, rather than worrying about the safety of your items. If something tips into a wall, you won't have to jump and save it, destroying your back.

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