2 March 2016

What Does Your Decorating Style Say About You?

What Does Your Decorating Style Say About You?

Have you ever realized that after you visit a new friend's home for the first time, you leave feeling like you know so much more about them? A person's decorating style says a lot about their personality, values, and preferences. So what does your decorating style say about you?

If your home is eclectic and busy...


You're probably someone who has many different interests and passions. You enjoy learning about and exploring new things, and you'd rather have too much to do than not enough. You're not afraid to let others into your world and to share your passions with them. Hence, you're eclectic and more adventurous.

If you have a simple design with clean lines and geometric patterns...

You value simplicity, straightforwardness and planning. You enjoy having fun, but only if you know what you're going to do ahead of time. In groups, you are likely to be the leader, and you see it as your role to make sure everything is done properly. Most likely, you work in an analytical field, such as accounting or software development, which makes you a minimalist.

If you use mostly neutral colors....


You prefer to spend time doing familiar activities with familiar people. You hold your friends and family very near and dear, but you are not particularly interested in adding to your social circle. A night in watching movies or reading is probably more appealing to you than a night out at the bar. You favor order and familiarity rather than new experiences.



If bright colors abound...

You become easily bored with your life and you embrace change. You may move frequently because you enjoy exploring new towns and meeting new people. You've probably either traveled extensively in the past, or you dream of the day you can do so. Most likely, you work in a creative field like graphic design or journalism. Friends probably describe you as upbeat and optimistic.


If every room looks similar...


You're someone who knows what you want in life, finds it, and then sticks with it. You have probably had the same job for a long time, not because you could not have moved up, but because you love it. Your relationships are mostly long-lasting because you only become involved with people who you are certain are perfect for you. Your tastes may seem narrow to others, but really you just know what you want.

If each room has its own decorating scheme...

You are someone whose wants and needs have varied throughout your lifetime. You may have had several different careers or may even work in several fields simultaneously. You find joy and satisfaction in one activity for a while, but eventually you become ready to move on to the next one. Your interests are probably very varied, and you probably have several distinct groups of friends, each of which brings out a different side of you.

If your decorations all follow the latest trends...

You're probably trendy in other aspects of your life, too. You always put your best face forward, and you're aware of how others perceive you. Among your friends, you're probably the first one to get the latest new clothing or upgrade to a new smartphone when it comes out. You don't think too intently about purchases before making them, and when making decisions, you always choose what is right for you at the time rather than getting consumed with future possibilities.

If your home has a "timeless" look...

You're someone who becomes attached to items and holds onto them for a long time. Instead of upgrading to a new phone when one comes out, you may keep your old one because as long as it works, you don't feel justified in replacing it. When you buy clothes, you reach not for the trendiest of items, but for ones that you know will look great for years to come and in many situations. You're a planner who rarely acts on impulse and always thinks of the future when making decisions.

Your home is the most personal space you have, so it's important to decorate it in a way that speaks to your own needs and preferences. Check out our Home Insights Blog where you can see more home decorating, painting, and moving tips. Brought to you by Frontier Utilities where you have a choice of a wide range of electricity plans at historically low rates.


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