4 November 2015

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorating!

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorating!

The end of Halloween has begun to signal the start of the holiday season. To keep your home updated with the current season and its trends, we have compiled a list with a few of our favourite holiday decorating ideas! The best part? You can do all of them yourself for under $20

#1: Add Green Tinsel


Christmas tree looking a little frail? Add green tinsel all around your tree to blend into the branches and give an illusion of thickness. Purchase tinsel that closely resembles the color of your tree (matte is preferred if you’re going for the natural look) and wrap the tinsel around the gaps in your tree.

This will transform from Charlie Brown’s sad branch to the Rockefeller Center tree in minutes.

#2: Pipe Cleaner Garland

Pipe cleaners are no longer *just* for children’s small arts & crafts projects. Select any variety  and create your own sparkly garland in less than 10 minutes, and under 5 dollars.


Use wire cutters to adjust the sizes of the loops you’ll be making. Repeat the process of bending and looping until you have reached your desired length.The wide availability of colors allows the garland to fit in with any holiday color scheme or tradition.

Photo and tutorial credit: inmyownstyle

#3: Santa's Footprints


If you’re expecting a visit from Santa soon, recreate his sparkly footprints with a trail that will have others guessing about the special visitor.


Using baby powder, baking soda, or carpet freshener, add a bit of glitter, then (depending on the surface you’re making these footprints on) dip a boot into the mixture.

Now you have proof that there’s been a recent magical visitor!

Photo and tutorial credit: LittleHiccups

 #4: Glittered Pine Cones


Spice up your centerpieces and other decor with glittered pine cones. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with pine trees around you, great! Otherwise, you can purchase pine cones at your local craft store.

(If using pine conesound, preheat oven to 200 degrees, and let them bake for 30 mins, alert for any smoke or fire. Remove for oven and let them settle for 2-3 days afterwards.)


For bold colors, spray your pine cones with spray paint then use a spray adhesive to make sure your glitter sticks to the pine cones (and not anything else in your house). For a more muted look, skip the spray paint and only use spray adhesive and glitter for a quick sparkle. 

Photo and tutorial credit: TheHomesIHaveMade


#5: Cupcake Liner Trees

Cupcake liners can do more than protect your cupcakes. This is a great way to add some decoration to any table or small display. 



Fold and cut card stock into a cone, this will be your base. Secure the cone from unraveling by adding tape.Next, fold down your cupcake liners to wrap around the tree; or, if your tree is larger, cut the middle out of the cupcake liner and use several liners for the base. 


Using tape or glue (your preference!) Your cupcake tree is completed! Add them to any dessert tray or center pieces for a festive presentation.

Photo and tutorial credit: The36thAvenue

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