1 October 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Love Pennsylvania

Top 5 Reasons to Love Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania has everything. From the various ski resorts, and lakes to visiting the Betsy Ross House—home of the first American flag, PA offers something for everyone. There are countless attractions, whether it’s visiting Hershey Park, home of the premier American chocolatier, or roaming the same halls in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. These are the top 5 reasons to love Pennsylvania.

1. Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies.


Pennsylvania has a wealth of historical sites. Visit the home of the Liberty Bell, and walk the halls our founding fathers once walked and signed the Declaration of Independence. The Independence National Historic Park is one of the best places to live out your dreams of being Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. Other historical sites include Gettysburg National Military Park, site of the largest battle of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s famEous speech.

Honorable Mention: The Andy Warhol Museum

2. PA is a huge sports state. 


There are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles NFL rivalry, along with the Phillies vs. Pirates, and Flyers vs. Penguins.

If you’re a sports fan, Pennsylvania fosters some great rivalries in nearly every national sports league. Pick a team, and try to not have your family divided with the amount of different sports teams to root for.

3. One of the few states with energy deregulation.

Another great thing about Pennsylvania is energy deregulation. In the past, Pennsylvania residents were forced to receive their energy services from regulated monopolies. This created a disadvantage for customers by completely eliminating their ability to shop for competitive utility plans. 

All energy service needs were provided by one electric distribution company, forcing customers to receive every aspect of their energy service generation. This consumer-friendly initiative allows Pennsylvanians to shop for competitive rates from various suppliers. Now you have the power to choose the best energy rates for your household!
Enter your zip code, and start lowering your electricity bill today.

4. Hershey, PA or ‘The Sweetest Place on Earth.’


With a 4 ½ out of 5 star rating on Trip Advisor, Hershey Park is sure to be a great attraction for you and your family. Visit ZooAmerica or try one of the many roller coasters and water rides. Hershey Park also offers more relaxing options, such as Spa & Golf packages along with a fine dining experience.

5. PA has been the setting to some of the most watched and top-rated TV shows. 

Perhaps one of the silliest reasons to love PA, but for fans of these popular TV series, it’s a great excuse to visit some of your favorite TV locations. Pennsylvania is the setting for The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, All My Children, Pretty Little Liars, etc., chances are if not you, and someone you know is a huge fan of these extremely popular shows. 


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