18 September 2015

Traveling On A Budget

Traveling On A Budget

1. Students & Under-25 Travel

Websites like Student Universe and STA Travel often offer special deals for students and for those under 25. Take advantage while you can and lock in some low travel rates. Don’t be afraid to use your student discounts and look for special flight deals for those who are under 25.  Not very helpful if you’re above 25, but you can still find lower costs for others in your travel party who fit that criteria.

2. Search for Flash Travel Deals



Websites and apps such as AirFareWatchdog and  TheFlightDeal have frequent travel deals, such as $200 round trip flights to Dubai or round trips from Chicago to Dallas for $80. While these deals are certainly a steal, they sell out fast as others hunt down bargain prices. Also, consider travelling during the cheapest times. Wednesday afternoon, for example, is cheaper than scheduling a flight on Friday morning.

Try travelling in-direct. Search for other nearby airports. You could possible save $300 in exchange for a 2 hour car ride. 

3. Consider Hotel Alternatives 


Hotels can be overrated. They’re usually near airports or attraction-packed areas, but not necessarily where the people of that city are. If you can’t stay with friends or family consider taking up a private room or apartment for half the costs. Not only are you instantly exposed to new people, they can be a huge source of knowledge on what to explore and do in the city. 

4. Make the Most of Public Transit


Based on the length of your stay, obtaining a bus or subway pass is 10x more economical than renting a car. Not only do you save money, but public transportation is usually the best way to see the city. Connecting major parts of the city to the different suburbs, it will be hard for you to get lost in the age of transit and metro apps. 


5. Eat Like a Local


You’ll hear this one often and it’s the truth.  Local eats are usually cheaper and are just as good as fine dining. Chances are that hole in the wall taco place has more positive Yelp reviews than that fancy French restaurant across town.

Don’t be afraid to try out the staple food of whatever city or country you’re visiting. That chain fast-food restaurant is the exact same as the ones back home, take chances when traveling. 

Most importantly, remain safe and enjoy your Holiday travels!