6 May 2015

Better Gifts For Mom

Better Gifts For Mom

We love Mom, but sometimes our schedules get in the way of presenting the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. In our efforts to avoid giving a horrible ‘last minute gift’, many of us turn to flowers, chocolates, or even perfume. While traditional gifts are convenient – to be frank – they’re not the most thoughtful. Here’s a list of fun activities to enjoy with your mom this Mother’s Day.

1.) Hot Air Balloon Ride

Talk about adventure! Hot air balloon rides offer excitement, accompanied with beautiful views of the city. Most baskets comfortably hold 8 – 10 adults under 250 lbs, so the entire family can participate.


2.) Wine Class

Does Mom love a glass of Cabernet? Take her to a wine 101 where she can take her knowledge of wine to the next level by learning the basics of tastings, how to identify wine types, and the different wine regions of the world. Is your Mom more of a brew gal? Beer classes are also an available option to learn about its history, different beer styles, and cool facts.


3.) Indoor Rock climbing

If your mom is active, she’ll love this strength building activity. Enjoy all the thrills of rock climbing while getting some great cardio! Many indoor rock climbing facilitates feature 30 foot walls, equipment available for rent, and beginner's classes.


4.) Gardening Class

Help Mom hone her green thumb with some harvesting lessons. Research the Department of Health and Human Services in your city to discover free community garden programs available.


5.) Give her an ‘off day’  

Being a mom is a full-time gig with no days off! This Mother’s Day, give Mom the weekend off by taking care of her usual responsibilities – tummy rubes and free advice included!

Happy Mother’s Day to every awesome mom out there. You are appreciated!