13 January 2022

5 Tips on How Your Business Could Save More Electricity

5 Tips on How Your Business Could Save More Electricity

Saving energy should be as important for your business as making profit. Here are 5 easy ways you could save.

Unplug all chargers

Most chargers, whether if they’re for phones or laptops, consume a small amount of energy even when they aren’t actually plugged into the device. These are just some of the various electricals that are known as 'vampire' appliances - named as such because they still consume energy even when not in use.

A good way to tell if a device is using power is to feel it for warmth, while they will often be identifiable by a small light as well.

Switch off all devices

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is incredible how often businesses (and homeowners) neglect to take the simplest of measures. Failing to switch off devices that aren't in use may add extra costs to your electricity bills.

Avoid screensavers

It's unrealistic to expect people to turn off their computers every time they leave the office. Make sure that the proper power settings are applied and avoid using screensavers, as these are far less energy efficient.

Install lighting with motion sensors

Switching off the lights every time you leave the room should be a given, but it is incredible how many people fail to do so. With this in mind, install motion sensors to take the human element out of it all together.

Encourage staff involvement

The key factor that could save you energy in the workplace is to encourage a culture of energy efficiency amongst your staff. This may be difficult, so appointing Energy Efficiency Champions (people directly responsible for improving efficiency) to encourage and monitor company efforts to reduce the amount of energy used across every department may help!

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