12 January 2022

Celebrate National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Celebrate National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

What are the best hours you could save electricity?

Are you looking for ways to decrease your spending on utilities? Do you ever wonder if the time of day really matters when it comes to how much you spend on electricity each month?

Depending on who your electricity provider is, you are most likely on one of the following two types of plans.

  1. A fixed rate plan , or
  2. A ‘Time of Use’ (TOU) plan

The truth is that if you’re under contract for a TOU plan, the time of day affects what you pay for your electricity usage. However, if done strategically you could encounter some savings.

With a fixed rate plan, the time of day doesn’t really matter nor really affect what you pay.

As a general rule of thumb, the best time to consume electricity is early in the morning or late in the evening. That is, when there is low demand for electricity and off ‘peak hours’.

If you want to save more money, try to do most electricity-consuming activities during low demand hours. This includes: Running the dishwasher, washing, or drying clothes and taking showers/ baths.

What do ‘Peak Hours’ mean for electricity use?

Peak hours typically fall during the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. when most families are home from work and school consuming the most electricity.

What could I do to save during peak hours?

Besides, waiting for low demand hours to start using the most electricity, it may be important to keep the following easy tips in mind.

  1. Unplug any electronic devices that aren’t being used and try using power strips for quicker ways to turn devices off.
  2. Use smart thermostats or keep your thermostats set during certain times of the day depending on the weather.
  3. Make improvements around the house and look up seasonal energy savings tips that may help you save electricity during different times of the year.

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