9 November 2021

Watts Better November 2021

Watts Better November 2021

Watts better? An Oven or Air Fryer?

On this month’s edition of Watts Better, we’re taking a look at which home appliance is more energy efficient to use this holiday season: An air fryer or an oven?

For several years now air fryers have been all the rage. Let’s face it, being able to cook multiple meals quickly and frying meals in a healthier way is just too good to pass up. Now, is it too good to be true? Is saving minutes on cooking not saving you energy?

Although the amount of energy use can completely depend on the model of the appliance, it still may be helpful to know an average range of energy use to have a better idea how much energy consumption is in store for the appliance you have or plan to buy.

Techradar.com performed a test on a specific brand air fryer which resulted in 0.75kWh of energy use with in 30 minutes with a wattage of 1500. On the other hand, a common oven was tested that has a wattage of 3000, and it used 1.5 kWh during the same 30 minute period.

To find out an estimated average of how much energy your appliances may be costing you, try out the  energy.gov appliance energy calculator.