10 February 2020

What Every Energy Consumer Needs To Know | Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Electricity | Frontier Utilities®

What Every Energy Consumer Needs To Know | Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Electricity | Frontier Utilities®

While electricity is just electricity, buying it can sometimes be confusing. Buzzwords like “bundled” or “free electricity” confuse consumers on the daily. Although Frontier Utilities is all about straightforward and fuss-free electricity, we understand the puzzling questions that come with purchasing a commodity. See the top 5 FAQs we get regularly below.

  1. Why is my bill’s due date different every month? Due dates change because they are based on when your utility reads the meter. The utility can read the meter from 28 days to 34 days in some cases. Retail electricity providers (like Frontier) don't have control on when the meter is read since the equipment doesn't belong to us.
  2. What’s the difference between a bundled and unbundled plan? A "bundled" plan is one that has both the TDU and energy charges built into one single, combined charge. An unbundled plan does not combine the charges and specifically lists them as line items for each charge.  *Disclaimer: this answer is valid for deregulated Texas customers only.
  3. Is there a cancellation fee? It depends on the plan that you’re on. Month-to-Month plans won’t have a cancellation fee, but fixed-rate plans will most likely have one if you break the contract before the term expires- just like any other service contract. Avoid any surprises by reading the EFL (Electricity Facts Label) and TOS (Terms of Service) before signing up for any electricity plan.
  4. Who do I need to contact if there’s a power outage? Your TDSP (the guys who generate the electricity we buy to sell) also own all of the power lines and poles that you see outside. Due to this, they’re responsible for energy restoration when outages hit. You can get their contact info here: http://bit.ly/FrontierPowerOutages
  5. What is Deregulation and why doesn’t every city in Texas or other states have it? Deregulation is the opening of a market to competition in a previously regulated industry. Texas Senate Bill 7, on January 1, 2002, created a deregulated electricity industry in Texas, allowing many consumers the opportunity to buy electricity from any Retail Electricity Provider (REP) they choose. Read our blog post to get a better idea on how it affects consumers like you: http://bit.ly/TexasDeregulation101

Educating people on buying electricity is a big priority for Frontier Utilities. This is why we personalize our offers by speaking with potential customers about their past usage and what plan would benefit their budget and energy needs the best. See the Frontier experience for yourself and what low rates we have for you: http://bit.ly/SecureYourRateToday

*Disclaimer: the above information is valid for deregulated Texas customers only.