5 December 2019

Avoid the Electric Bill Shock This Christmas! Consider These Tips This Holiday Season.

Avoid the Electric Bill Shock This Christmas! Consider These Tips This Holiday Season.

We know you’re ready to come guns a blazing for your neighborhood’s holiday lighting wars, but we suggest you hold off until you 1) have a plan and 2) prepare with some of these energy savings/safety tips in mind.

  • Not every place around your home is grounds for lighting. Planning your home’s lighting design ahead of time will give you the ability to steer clear of unsafe hanging areas and map out all of the outdoor outlets. Doing this can also keep you from overloading your extension cords as you’ll be able to plan their use ahead of time.
  • We see this mistake time and time again, be sure you buy “Outdoor-safe” lights! Many times, we see families buy Christmas tree lights that are only meant for indoor use. Outdoor lights are specially made to withstand the elements. Take your precautions one step ahead and look for a “UL” or “ETL” stamp on the packaging; these indicate that they are certified safe by experts.
  • Avoid nails or tacks when hanging your lights. Not only can they damage the cords, but they can potentially puncture them and cause a hazard. Insulated holders were created for hanging jobs like these.
  • Utilize a timer! Leaving your lights on longer than necessary will not only cause some of your lights to burn out, but it’ll hurt your wallet too!
  • We preach this every year: switch to LED lighting! Not only with you use 70 percent less energy, but you’ll be providing brighter lights for your neighbors to enjoy!
  • Budget Friendly Tip: if you’re trying to have a festive look without the holiday light bill shock, opt for more light-reflecting decor! Wrap your rails with tinsel and hang some outdoor ornaments on your front yard tree.

Last tip: Bill shock during the holidays is a real thing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you switch to Frontier, you get to take advantage of our affordable rates and superior customer service. Switching during the holidays has never been easier, just choose your low rate and see the savings add up: http://bit.ly/SecureYourRateToday