27 June 2019

Electrical Safety 101: Childproofing Your Home

Electrical Safety 101: Childproofing Your Home

Childproofing your home is a must for all new parents and families with toddlers that love to run around and explore rooms for activities. Softening the corners of a coffee table and re-enforcing your cabinet doors are part of the typical childproofing list, but don’t forget about the electrical plugs and wires lying around the house that your baby could easily get a hold of. Keep this list handy for when you start proofing your home and see why electrical safety is something to keep in mind for every member of the household.

  • Constantly remind your toddler to not stick fingers or metal objects inside electrical outlets. This also includes toasters or other appliances that can lead to a potentially fatal shock. Take it up a notch by installing tamper resistant receptacles instead. They have spring loaded shutters that close off the openings to the contacts—the only time these shutters will open is when they’re pushed simultaneously when you’re trying to plug something into them. Since your baby won’t be able to compress both openings at once, he won’t be able to poke anything at that point.
  • Monkey see, monkey do. Watch your own habits and be a model for your kids. If they see you listening to the radio near a tub, they’ll think it’s ok and will eventually want to try it themselves.
  • Teach them to not yank a device’s cord from the wall. Remind them to ask an adult to do it for them or if they’re old enough, demonstrate how to properly disconnect a device from the wall.
  • We’re sticklers for electrical safety when it comes to fires. Don’t run cords under rugs or baseboards- they can overheat easily and cause an accidental fire. Try running them around the perimeter of the wall or call an electrician to install a new outlet to fit your needs better.
  • Babies who can’t walk shouldn’t be bumping into a bunch of cords along their crawling trails. Consider hiding the cords behind a TV with a cord-shortening device or using cord tubes.
  • Teach your kids to recognize danger signs such as what precautions to take if they see a downed power line or smell something odd in the home.

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