16 April 2019

Easy Ways to Conserve Your Energy for Earth Day

Easy Ways to Conserve Your Energy for Earth Day

We all know of ways to celebrate Earth Day around our community and outside the home, but what about taking part in actually conserving the energy inside your home? In celebration of Earth Day, here’s a roundup of quick and easy tips to conserve energy around your home.

  • Stock up on insulation! Did you know that insulation saves over 600 times more energy each year than all of the CFLs, Energy Star appliances and windows combined?
  • We know the Houston heat is coming, but try not to blast the AC every time you step into your home. Increasing your thermostat by 1° in the summer and decreasing it by 1° in the winter will save you 10% on your energy consumption!
  • Be wary of energy vampires! We know it can be a chore to unplug all of your devices every day, but try committing to doing it on earth day. Take it one step further and do it every other day to see how much you can save on your next bill.
  • During the warmer days, skip the George Foreman and stick to grilling outside. This will avoid combating your cool AC by keeping the heat out of your home.
  • It’s worth mentioning that making energy-efficient improvements around your home can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house in the long-run. While some may be more time-consuming than others, there's plenty of quick fixes you can make around your home to save your energy. See our most recent blog on some of the green home DIYs you should tackle this spring: http://bit.ly/HomeImprovementsWithFrontier

How are you celebrating Earth Day today? Take your savings one step further by signing up for one of Frontier's green plans today: http://bit.ly/FrontierWebEnrollment