18 December 2018

12 Days of Winter Energy Savings

12 Days of Winter Energy Savings

Did you catch our 12 Days of Winter Energy Savings on Facebook and Twitter? If not, check out the round-up of all 12 tips that will save you money all winter long!

1. During your holiday parties, lower the thermostat— body heat will warm up your home in no time!

2. Small gaps between doors or windows can add up and create insulation problems. Replace cracked or peeling caulk!

3. Schedule a yearly inspection of your heating system to make sure that it is working properly. Replace your furnace filters monthly to help your heating system run at its most efficient level.

4. Close the damper in your fireplace when it’s not in use. This will help eliminate air from escaping up your chimney.

5. Use a programmable thermostat. They will automatically lower your heat so it’s not running when you’re not home or asleep. Lowering your heat 7-10 degrees will save up to 10% a year on heating costs.

6. Use your blinds and curtains! They can reduce and prevent heat loss. Install curtains as close to the window as possible and cover the top with cornices for heat loss prevention.

7. Replace your holiday lights with LEDs as they can save you quite a bit of change and they stay cool to the touch, which reduces the risk of fire.

8. Use a timer for lighting displays to run during the early evening. This can save you money by only entertaining your neighbors and visitors during peak hours.

9. While cooking your favorite holiday dishes, lower the thermostat. Your oven will help heat the house.

10. After your holiday party, skip washing dishes by hand! Be sure to run a full dishwasher. This can save up to 37% less water!

11. Invest in an energy-efficient pet door for your furbaby! Letting warm air escape can dramatically increase the cost of heating your home.

12. Give the gift of energy savings by making sure your electronic gifts are Energy Star certified.

How will you be saving money with these tips? Look to save even further by signing up for one of Frontier’s personalized plans.