31 October 2018

Defeating the Energy Vampires

Defeating the Energy Vampires

Have you ever heard of “Energy Vampires”? No worries, they’re not as scary as real vampires, but they can give you quite a bit of a jump with a high electricity bill. Energy Vampires, also known as vampire electronics, are devices that vant to suck your energy even when on standby! According to the EPA, idle electronics have sucked up to $10 billion in energy annually. Check out some of the energy-sucking vampires lurking around your home.

Coffee Makers and Microwaves

Did you know that most appliances, such as coffee makers and microwaves, are constantly sucking power in order to keep the time up to date? Some models actually consume more power running its digital clock than it does heating up food. While heating up food may require 100 times more power than running the clock, it still spends more time on standby mode that it ends up adding up! An easy way to prevent this is by putting together these kitchen appliances on one power strip and simply switching it off when they’re not in use.



Refrigerators and freezers are constantly running to keep your food from spoiling. Plugging and unplugging large appliances like these or washers and dryers are not really an option. A little bit of research into low standby products that are Energy-Star certified can save you quite a bit of change.

TVs and Cable Boxes

Now, these can be scariest of them all. Did you know that TVs can suck up over 1,400 kilowatt hours annually, aka 150 of your hard-earned dollars per year? Most people also don’t realize that when you turn your TV off, you’re not necessarily turning your cable box off too. A simple solution can also tie back to using a power strip to group all of your living room electronics with one switch. However, keep in mind that you may miss your “Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills” recording if you turn your cable box off! Look into smart power strips that you can automatically set to turn off at a specific time or control from your smartphone.

Scary, huh? While unplugging everything is not ideal, there are so many easy fixes that can exponentially reduce your energy usage throughout the day. From power strips to smart timer plugs, you have a variety to choose from. You can also save more with a personalized Frontier plan made just for you! Take your savings further and see what’s available for you:http://bit.ly/FrontierWebEnrollment