16 October 2018

Lighten Your Energy Bill with the Right Bulb

Lighten Your Energy Bill with the Right Bulb

Choosing “greener” alternatives have gotten easier over the years. From cutting your water off while you brush your teeth to only using your dishwasher at night to preserve energy. In combination with these choices, have you thought about the actual light bulbs being used around your home? Switching them can be one of the fastest ways to lower your home’s electric bill! Let’s take a look at two of the energy efficient light bulbs in the market today: CFLs and LEDs.



At the end of the day, both are efficient ways to light up your home. Using a combination may suit you best as most homes have different lighting needs in different rooms, such as LEDs for your desk lamp or CFLs for the living room ambiance. Also, keep note of the critical steps needed to dispose of broken CFL bulbs. Mercury is a dangerous heavy metal, and proper cleanup and disposal of CFL bulbs are critical. Never put a used CFL bulb in with the rest of your trash. As far as LEDs, feel free to recycle them when possible! 

Whether you’re moving into your new home soon or are looking for a way to cut down on your electric bills, these light bulbs and your personalized Frontier plan will do just the job!