19 September 2018

Energy Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Energy Saving Tips for Pet Owners

We all love our fur-babies like family, but did you know that they could be increasing your electricity bill even when you’re away? Check out our roundup of energy-saving tips for pet owners.

Set a Programmable Thermostat

Your pets can naturally regulate their body temperature when it’s both warm and cold. Depending on the breed, your pet might not need as much heat or air conditioning on. Certain breeds will require warmer temps, so ask your vet before you make the change!

Unplug the Fans

Did you know that pets with thick coats can hardly feel the effects of a running fan? Their thick coats are to thank for that! Pets also don’t sweat like us humans, they actually pant to cool off. Unplugging fans while you’re away will save you quite a bit of energy.

Invest in an energy-efficient fish tank

A filtering fish tank will constantly be running and using energy to keep things tidy for your fish friends. Be sure to keep it as efficient as possible by using LED lights!

Turn the Lights Off

Dogs and cats are natural den animals. They love the coziness of a low-light space and having a blanket to snuggle with. Use energy-efficient switches that will allow you to turn your lights off while you’re always or set them on a timer.

Wash Pet Bedding with Cold Water

Using the water heater can add up in your electricity bill over time. Cut back on it by using cold water to wash your pet’s bedding and toys. The washing machine will use significantly less energy and your pet won’t even notice!

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