20 June 2018

Five Steps to Transfer Your Utilities When Moving

Five Steps to Transfer Your Utilities When Moving


When moving to a new home, your to-do list can easily get out of hand. Before you know it, you're sitting on the floor in the dark in your new apartment — and you realize you forgot to have the electricity turned on! This sounds like a nightmare, but it's a nightmare you can avoid. Follow these five steps to transfer utilities when moving.


1. Create a Checklist


Make a list of each utility you currently use and the company that supplies each service. Do not forget water, electricity, gas, internet, and garbage; these are the basics. Also make a list of the utilities you'll need to subscribe to in your new home. This might be different if you are moving into an apartment and some utilities are included.



2. Figure out Your Move-In Date


Talk to your landlord, real estate agent, and other parties to determine what day you'll be moving to your new home. This way, you know what date to request utility companies start your service.




3. Call Your Municipal Suppliers


Water and garbage service are often provided by municipal suppliers. Call these departments, and let them know what day you are moving out so they know when to terminate your service. If you are moving within the same municipality, then arrange a date to start service in your new home during this same call. Otherwise, you'll need to separately call the municipal suppliers for your new residence and make plans to start service.


4. Research Energy and Internet Providers in Your New Area


Find out if your current electricity, gas, and internet providers offer service in your new locale. If they do not, take some time to research options in your new home. Find a company whose ethics and policies you support, and call them to arrange service. Make sure you ask about their billing options and fee schedules so you know when — and how much — you will be charged.


5. Cancel or Transfer Service With Your Providers

If your current energy providers do not offer service in your new home, call them to cancel your policy, effective the day you move out. Also arrange to take back any equipment, such as a modem or router, that may belong to the utility provider. If your current provider does offer service in your new locale, just ask them to transfer your service. They should walk you through the rest of the process.


Follow the steps above to transfer utilities smoothly. For more moving advice, take a look at our post "6 Moving Hacks You Need to Know."