3 December 2014

Pennsylvania Residents Can Save On Energy and Gas!

What is energy deregulation?

In the past, Pennsylvania residents were forced to receive their energy services from regulated monopolies. This created a disadvantage for customers by completely eliminating their ability to shop for competitive utility plans. All energy service needs were provided by one electric distribution company, or EDC, forcing customers to receive every aspect of their energy service generation - sales, delivery, billing, and support - from one provider.

Pennsylvania became a deregulated state in the late 90's. Since then, millions of PA residents have already made the switch! This consumer-friendly initiative allows Pennsylvanians to shop for competitive rates from various Energy Generation Suppliers, or EGSs. Now you have the power to choose the best energy rates for your household!

How do I choose an Electric Generation Supplier?

EGSs offer a wide array of competitive energy plans for customers to choose from. How do EGSs, like Frontier, and Electric Distribution Companies relate to each other? The Pennsylvania Public Service Commission requires the EDC to continue delivering electricity and maintaining its infrastructure by responding to service interruptions, outages, and general maintenance. EGSs supply customers with energy services while EDCs transport the energy through their operating power lines.

Think of shopping for potato chips. Your local grocery story provides various brands, and you make your decision based on quality and price. It's the same process for selecting your energy generation supplier!

What about gas?

In Pennsylvania, both electricity and gas services are deregulated. Like electricity, customers will select a Natural Gas Supplier to provide natural gas, while their Natural Gas Distribution Company will deliver it.

How does billing work?

You are given the option to receive standard energy plans through your Electric Distribution Company. In this instance, the EDC will deliver and provide energy. If you opt to receive energy from a separate Energy Generation Supplier, like Frontier, billing will still be sent through your EDC.

How do you switch?

Switching is easy and takes less than 5 minutes!

  1. Find your EDC account number located on your current electric bill
  2. Select your new Frontier Plan
  3. Sign up by providing your EDC account number and start paying less for electricity and gas! Your new energy rate with Frontier will reflect on the next bill provided by your EDC.