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Saving money on your electricity bill is just a few clicks away. Frontier Utilities is ready to help you lock into a lower rate.

We’ve got SOLUTIONS to power your business, SAVE you money and provide SERVICE you can count on.

Frontier will customize an electricity solution aligned with the unique needs of your business.

Energy to power your business is a significant cost center. Frontier Utilities can help you control these operating expenses through competitive pricing and tailored electricity plans that mitigate risk and market volatility. We tailor a plan around your company size, industry, hours of operation, and energy risk profile. Based on your unique needs and company initiatives, your electricity solution can specify contract preferences, including a specific percentage of green energy, billing date, and contract length. Together, we can make a positive impact on your operating costs.

Electricity Deregulation

Deregulation in certain electricity markets puts the power in your hands to select the retail electricity provider of your choice. Whereas there was previously no option but to obtain electricity from a single utility at whatever rate it set, you now have the freedom to choose your own electricity supplier, which has created competition and opportunities for cost savings.

Our Winning Difference

  •   Exceptional customer service
  •   Competitive electricity rates for businesses of all sizes
  •   Customized, flexible energy solutions
  •   Accurate, timely billing
  •   Fast, simple contracting
  •   No cost from Frontier Utilities to switch
  •   No disruption in your electricity service

Powering Businesses

Thousands of businesses in the deregulated markets we serve in Texas, the Northeast and the Midwest have switched to Frontier Utilities. With our competitive commercial electricity rates, exceptional customer care and custom-tailored electricity solutions, Frontier Utilities is uniquely positioned to provide electricity service with a personal touch. Backed by an A-rated (Moodys and S&P) credit provider, Frontier Utilities operates in a financially stable environment.

Customer Driven

Everything Frontier Utilities does is focused on creating greater value and a positive customer experience. Our competitive electricity rates, lack of hidden fees, straightforward monthly electric bills, electronic document options, and numerous payment possibilities collectively make for a great customer experience. As an independent energy provider, Frontier Utilities has the flexibility to customize energy solutions unique to small companies, family-owned operations, and middle-market businesses in our service areas.

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